Ruler: Mercury; Quality: Mutable; Element: Earth
This sixth sign of zodiac is a dual, feminine, nocturnal, critical, efficient, analytical, shrewish, and inquisitive. They look much younger than their actual age, have attractive eyes & always have smile on their face.

People with Moon, Sun or Ascendant in Virgo feel more influence of Virgo sign in their lives.

It rules the intestines & process of digestion. These people are born critics, possessing good orator skills, known for keeping things tidy. At times they are always worrying unnecessary for health. These people are studious, flexible, interested in debates & have good sense of humor.

People & Occupation – Book Keepers, Accountants, Secretaries, Statisticians, typists, textile workers, dress makers, veterinarians, pharmacist, nurse, librarians, shop clerks, office workers, cartoonist, travel agents & computer programmers.

It is the exaltation of Mercury, the fall of Venus & detriment of Jupiter.

Physical body parts – Digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system

Famous Personalities born with Virgo as Moon sign –  Walt Disney, Balasaheb Thackrey, Swami Vivekanand, Samrat Shivaji, Mala Sinha, Madhubala, Shashi Kapoor.

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