Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra – After Swadhisthan we now move to subtler element than water, it is called Manipur Chakra. Manipura chakra is a Fire element Charka, its location is behind Button Belly or “नाभि”. Beej mantra is “Ram”/ रं. This chakra has high significance than previous 2 chakras. Let us understand in detail –

Fire is उर्ध्वगामी (Always going in upwards direction), so unlike Muladhar or Swadhisthan chakra the underlying power here doesn’t pull downwards, it goes in upwards or we call it as उर्ध्वगामी /urdhwagami in spiritual world. Also fire is associated with Jatharagni, the digestive fire which is helpful for all metabolism, hence the people who take steps to keep Agni healthy, it automatically helps in strengthening Manipura chakra. This is Chakra is directly related with health (read our post on Agni –

Fire is all about dynamism, leadership, so a healthy Manipura chakra denotes that person has very good leadership qualities.

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