Ruler: Saturn; Quality: Cardinal; Element: Earth

This tenth sign of Zodiac is cold, nocturnal, feminine & persistent.

These people are visionary, business oriented, disciplined, laborious, and hardworking, often they seem to enjoy the solitude. Performing any task with concentration & persistence is their hallmark. They also have the ability to get the best possible output in limited resources.

People & Occupation – It signifies all who work with leather, wool; Policemen, Custom house officials, Estate administrators, Dermatologist & Bone surgeons, Locksmiths, Stone masons, Brick layers, Cement workers, Diamond miners & merchants, Contractors & builders of large, utilitarian or public buildings.

People with Moon, Sun or Ascendant in Capricorn feel more influence of Capricorn sign in their lives.

Physical body parts – It rules Knees & Skeleton of the body.

Famous Personalities born with Capricorn as Moon sign – Napoleon, Indira Gandhi, Akbar, Julius ceaser,  Abraham Lincon, Henry Ford, V Shantaram, Naushad, Manoj Kumar, Max Muller.

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