Ruler: Mars; Quality: Cardinal; Element: Fire

The first sign of Zodiac is masculine, fiery, violent, spendthrift, courageous, rebellious, outspoken & active. Its direction is east.

People with Moon, Sun or Ascendant in Aries, feel more influence of Aries sign in their lives.  .

These people are known for their hunger for power, doing some adventurous feats, starting out independent, optimistic attitude, having a mentality of a ruler, eager for participating in any event/sports, believing in aggressiveness and at times cruelty or showing lack of self-control.

Confidence, valor and sometimes dictatorship are the key traits of this sign.

Physical body Parts – Aries rules head, face, brain, eyes

Some of the occupations related to Aries are – Soldiers, Police department, Engineers, Arms & Ammunition, Black Smith, Union leaders, Leader of a band, Gang leader of criminals or rebels, Boxers, Sportsmen, Freedom fighters, Body guards, Butcher etc.

Famous Personalities born with Aries as Moon sign – Muhammed Ghazini, Tamerlane, Karl Marx, George Bernard Shaw, Sharad Pawar, Dennis Lille, Chiang kai shek, Bobby Fischer, P. L. Deshpande, Saint Beedkar Maharaj

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