Free Will, Karma & Astrology

Is everything pre-ordained in life? If so, what is the point of working towards any goal if results are already decided? Many such questions arise & people want to know what is free will, karma & role of Astrology. Let us discuss this is in bit detail with our limited knowledge. First we have to know 2 fundamental concepts – Our true nature & karma.

Understanding our true nature – Till a person starts to practice spirituality or becomes somewhat spiritual, he considers himself only as a ‘physical body’, which is least of what we are. In reality we are multidimensional beings who have lived before and will live again to suffer & enjoy, the results of our actions.

Karma – If there is one eternal TRUTH that is applicable to all beings, then it is Law of Karma – “As you sow, so shall you reap”. In simple terms it is Law of cause & effect. Karma is an ongoing thing – what we have already created by our actions in the past (this life and previous lives), the fruits are experienced by us & our current karma/actions will determine results in the future.

Timing of Birth & Horoscope – Now it is clear that soul which has so many samskaras (impressions stored in the astral/casual body of previous karma/actions) again takes birth on this earth plane to fulfil that karma. The timing of birth is exactly at that moment when universe is in accordance with the karma that is to be fulfilled & the planetary positions reveal the general path of destiny by their placement in the chart of the native – Good, Bad, Challenging aspects in horoscope depends on the Karma that has to be fulfilled by that soul in life time.

Given all this, one thing is very clear we are not in total control of our destiny – like birth, death, planetary positions in horoscope, one’s parentage, social position of the family in which we are born, geographical location etc can never be changed. But with whatever resources we have, we still have the right to perform our karma & to make best use of them is certainly up to us.

Role of Astrology in our life – Every human being has his own karma, freedom of choice & that’s the reason they react differently to similar kind of astrological combinations. We find people who have very favourable conditions in their charts do not realize it or excel in their lives as promised by the horoscope; while for some others, whose charts are far less promising, go far beyond what is promised in the chart. Hence, Astrology should never be seen as fatalistic. In other words, the choices we make and the habits we form in our life, actually determine how planetary energies affect us. Let us see this by one example below -:

For 3 different individuals, Jupiter in transit has moved in the 12th house of their horoscope, see how it affects them –

  • For 1st individual who is a regular meditator/spiritual aspirant this transit of Jupiter helps him to further march ahead on his journey of self-realization & connect with highly realized masters as the foundation was already laid by him.
  • For 2nd individual, he has been trying very hard to go abroad for Job, but so far he was not getting the opportunity. Now this transit helps him to get that.
  • For 3rd individual, who is a gambler, after this movement of Jupiter in 12th house he has already incurred losses in speculation activities & if he further continues with gambling, that may possibly ruin him.

So we can see same planetary transit, but results experienced are different by individuals, all due to their own karmas & habits – Planetary movements/transits give the much needed push to our efforts & help in triggering that event.

Hence no astrologer should jump to a conclusion just by seeing the planetary positions. Sage Parashara emphasized the need for consideration of Desh (Country), Kaal (Time) and Patra (Individual) before giving any prediction.

Astrology should be used as a guiding tool for self-understanding, self-growth & for identifying and understanding the karmic reason for your problems. There are numerous ways by which an individual can overcome the challenging karma & achieve the desired success –

  • Meditation
  • Mantra Sadhana (See here for Mantra Sadhana)
  • Charitable donations
  • Selfless service
  • Prayer or Vedic Remedies in authentic way

Before concluding, let us remember always that – Astrology or any other discipline never disputes the fact that the spark of divinity is present in all of us & Prakruti/Nature has endowed human beings with sufficient freedom & Free will to make their own choice & Karma.

MAA Bless All!

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