Electional Astrology


WOOCS 2.2.1

The basis of electional/elective astrology or Muhurta Astrology lies in the theory that just as the destiny of an individual is governed by the state of planetary positions when he was born, similarly the outcome of any action also depends on the planetary positions at the time of starting that action (activity/event). Here the significant factor is “timing” or the beginning of a new activity.

In short it can be termed as application of Astrology, where an Individual wants to get maximum favorable results from planetary positions for any event or activity of his life. This is applied in events like – Engagement/Wedding, opening of a new business, Joining date of new Job, purchase of vehicle, buying a house or a property, beginning the construction of a house or building, going for driving license test, starting any marketing campaign, conducting workshops, business meetings, surgery, beginning of a medical treatment, departure on a trip etc.

Fill in the details for which purpose you are looking at muhurta or electional astrology & we will suggest you the best possible time to start that activity/event.