Heart Chakra, Anahat Chakra Significance

Heart Chakra, Anahat Chakra – Discover & Embrace Unconditional Love…

Every human being is a source of love for others. It is a basic human nature to love and be loved. Same is being echoed by great philosophers & poets of yesteryear –

I see god through love – Keats

Love is Truth – Ravindranath Tagore

There is no God without Love – Ruskin

In short “Life devoid of Love, is more or less a dead life”.

Heart Chakra also called as Anahat Chakra has special significance. Not only it lies exactly in centre of all Chakras –(Muladhar, Swadhistan & Manipur below & Vishuddha, Agya & Sahasrar CHAKRA above) it also connects them all and brings balance to everything.

In Sanskrit, the word Anahata means ‘unhurt’ – it governs heart and controls love, compassion, forgiveness, and healing from hurt and grievances. Heart Chakra rules Vayu Tatva or Air element. The beej mantra for Heart chakra is यम or “Yam” in English.

Psychological impact of blocked heart chakra – Isolation, antisocial, feeling of closed down, difficulty in all relationships, and in general absence of Love. All the above curbs our potential to achieve the bliss that almighty has given us & enjoy the eternal joy of Love.

How to awaken the Heart chakra or Anahata Chakra – Below we are giving 3 ways in which one can activate his heart chakra

  1. Bless everyone & Let Go – People who hold grudges against others are the ones who are harming themselves more than anyone. Whether anyone has done bad with you, it is always better to bless him & move ahead. This clears the blockages of heart chakra. It’s a simple procedure & anyone can follow it – Sit in a comfortable position & focus on your breathing, after a couple of minutes when your mind is calm & at peace think of any event/memory in the past which has given you “happiness”. Now in that moment of Joy & happiness bless the person/s & forgive with whom you have problematic relationship.
  2.  Kundalini Yoga – Heart/Anahata chakra is also awakened in the sequence of Kundalini chakra Yoga, but this requires  help of REAL GURU or Master. Beej Mantra to be chanted is “Yam”
  3.  Gauri Shankar Rudraksha – One of the rare types of Rudraksha, Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is highly regarded as it is  ‘union’ of Male aspect (Shiva) & Female aspect (Parvati) & we all know what happens when these 2 forces come together – they cause expansion & development. This Rudraksha also represents the ‘Heart Chakra’, which is center of Love. Hence for the wearer it starts to open up his/heart Heart chakra & starts to experience Universal Love.

We are giving Gauri Shankar Rudraksha as a part of Heart Chakra Locket which comes with sterling silver heart shaped pendant & specially energized from Divine Mother’s abode Kamakhya with a very special procedure.

Activate your Heart Chakra & become epitome of love and compassion, have empathy to the plight of others, become more forgiving and loving!

MAA Bless All!

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