Mantra Sadhana

Transform yourself with 5 Minutes of daily Mantra Sadhana!

Anyone who wants to better his life should undertake Mantra sadhana. The aim of mantra sadhana or Mantra chanting is to achieve – Dharma (religious righteousness and duty), Artha (earning money, assets), Kama (fulfilment of our desires and sensual satisfaction) and Moksha (salvation from birth and rebirth).  It won’t be inappropriate to say that with Mantra sadhana even impossible looking tasks are accomplished. Mantra Sadhana, is a confluence of two energies – subconscious mind & the deity who is propitiated through Mantra chanting.

Understanding our true self & dynamics of Mantra – Our physical appearance of body is just a part of the real self & the real root cause of many of our problems lies in the spiritual dimension – Needless to say, if we set the corrective action in spiritual dimension all the things desired by us start taking place in the physical world. Mantra chanting first starts to have effect in the spiritual dimension which is then manifested in the outer world.

What is Mantra? – Mantra is a Sound, could be a single word or group of words arranged in a particular sequence. Mantra is very potent & capable of creating transformation. There are lot of mantras associated with various deities & planets. These Mantras are nothing but the subtle form of that particular deity or planet & when we chant that mantra, we get connected with the vibes & blessings of that particular deity or planet. This is one of the most viable way to strengthen any planet – Get on with the mantra sadhana for that planet – see our section planetary remedies

Practicing Mantra Sadhana – For starters who want to experience the power of Mantra chanting, this will not take more than 5 minutes of your daily time & most importantly you can undertake this by continuing with your regular lifestyle. Once you start seeing the benefits, you will find it more enjoyable.

Procedure for Mantra chanting

After taking bath, sit calmly on asan, preferably facing east or north direction. Just focus on the air that is flowing through the nostrils & if you know anulom vinolom pranayama, do it for couple of minutes, else just observe the breath. Now that the mind is relaxed & at peace, you can start to chant the Mantra

MANTRA can be chanted in 3 ways

  • Vachik – speaking out loudly
  • Upanshu – chanting mantra softly, where lips & tongue move, but voice is inaudible
  • Manasik – Mental recitation.

We generally ask people to go with Upanshu japa. Daily chanting 1 Mala (rosary of 108 beads/108 count) of mantra is recommended, which won’t take more than 5 minutes. This is good enough to get started as slowly you will realize the power & transformation that takes place within you.

Which Mala/Rosary to be used – As per the most revered text Kali tantra, Rudraksha Mala gives highest benefits over all other malas for mantra japa, hence it is recommend to do mantra sadhana with Rudraksha Mala.

This is how the benefits differ for variety of Malas –

Kar Mala (Japa done with fingers) << 100 times more beneficial Shankh mala << 1000 times more beneficial Praval Mala << 10,000 times more beneficial Crystal mala << 10 lac times more beneficial Kamal gatta << Kusha Mala << 1,000 times benefit RUDRAKSHA MALA

We have authentic Rudraksha Rosary Malas on our shelf, directly energized from Gupt Kamakhya & various planetary mantras can be availed through our section planetary remedies.

P.S. – Chanting mantra directly reading from books or internet is not recommended. Mantra should be taken from authoritative person ONLY to know the exact pronunciation & phonetic sound along with particular rhythm.

MAA Bless All!

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