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Laxmi Pack

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Laxmi or Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity is perhaps the only deity whom everyone worships knowingly or unknowingly. Getting grace of goddess Laxmi is possible not just by hard work, but element of luck also plays role in life.

Many people face lot of blockages in employment, business & to overcome that there are many rituals associated for obtaining grace of Laxmi like Kanakdhara anusthan, Laxmi sukta Havan or having Dakshinvarti Shankh, but many of these remedies/Puja path anusthan are expensive affair and depending on the engagement of Priest the charges could be from few thousands to Lacs also.

There is however a powerful yet very simple remedy which is a unique combination of 3 rare articles used for attaining grace of Maa LAXMI –

  1. Ekakshi Nariyal/One eyed Cocunut – It maintains peace & harmony in the area where it is placed & helps in attaining blessings of MAA Laxmi
  2. Kali Haldi – This helps in removal of any negative influence and evil eye cast. Kali Haldi also is known to clear hurdles that you may be facing in business/employment.
  3. Moti Shankh – This shankh is like a pearl in form of shankh, hence named as Moti shankh. It is specifically used in many Laxmi rituals. It is said that it opens new avenues for earning money.

We are giving these 3 rare articles with special energize procedure/Pran Prathistha method & then Abhishek of Shree Suktam to get the blessings of Laxmi in Life. This pack contains –

  • Kali Haldi – 1 Piece of approx 50-75 gms
  • Ekakshi Nariyal/One eyed Cocunut – 1 Piece. Size length around 2.5 – 3 Inches.
  • Moti Shankh – 3 to 3.5 inches height.
  • You have to just establish these items in your Puja altar in the evening on any Wednesday,Thursday or Friday & light a Ghee lamp along with incense stick and meditate on MAA Laxmi by mentally saying -:
  • Shree Mahalakshmyai Namah“/”श्री महालक्ष्म्यै नमः ” for just 5 minutes. There after daily whenever possible just show the incense stick to these items.