Astrology & Speculation

Astrology & Speculation

Everyone in this world tries to make his living by some or other way. Some people also take a chance & try their luck in stock market, horse racing, gambling or any other such activities. From Astrology perspective, how do we find whether the person has good chance to earn from such means? We have to break it down to make it simpler –

  • First check out whether there is inherent potential in the horoscope chart to earn money by speculation activities?
  • Analyse current dasha/antar dasha
  • Next look in to current transit of planets
  • & lastly looking at Muntha

These all will help us derive whether the current period is good for investment in stock market or possibility of returns from high risk investment

*Note* – Big jackpot lottery is more of sudden gains & denoted by 8th house which also governs unearned wealth or hidden wealth etc. Speculation is still a kind of investment & some analysis is done & where odds are sometimes 1:10 to 1:20 or in case of stock market derivatives (futures & options) it is related to particular time frame.

First let’s see which houses we should see for making money from speculation activities –

  • 2nd House of Astrology is also known as “Dhan” bhav meaning house of wealth, money, & assets. So in short in any type of wealth, income ultimately relates to this house.
  • 5th House – This house is house of speculation, gambling & also one of the dhan bhavs.
  • 9th house – This is house of luck, without luck on your side you can never hope to make money from speculation activities.
  • 11th house – This is the house of gains – so all types of materialistic gains are seen from this house.

Now whenever we see a good connection in the birth horoscope among the above mentioned house (house lords in conjunction, benefic planets placed in these houses or aspecting them), we can see there is a good inherent potential to make money from such activities. But along with that we have to look in to dasha & transits as well for the period.

Role of Planets –

Rahu is one planet you have to watch closely. It can bring immense success in all such activities if well placed & connected to dhan bhavas. Jupiter denotes fortune & wealth, so this also plays important role in person’s fortune.

Analyzing all these details, we can come to a conclusion whether the horoscope is favoring earning through such means during the current period.

MAA Bless All!

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