Scorpio –
Ruler: Mars; Quality: Fixed; Element: Water
This eighth sign of Zodiac, is cold, nocturnal, feminine, repressed, subtle, passionate, emotional,

These people are emotional, courageous, stubborn, occultist & mystic. One of their unique qualities is to be able to perform any uphill task with high determination. They are secretive in nature & at times also take lot of time in mysticism.

People with Moon, Sun or Ascendant in Scorpio feel more influence of Scorpio sign in their lives.

People & Occupation – Surgeons, Butchers, Chemist, Wine shop owners, Magicians, Insurance Vima agents, CID, Criminal department, Spy, Executioners, Detectives, Research Scientists, Archeologist, Pirates, Soldiers, Nuclear Physicists, Psychiatrists

It is the fall of moon & detriment of Venus. No planet is exalted here.

Physical body parts – It rules bladder, external genital organs, anus & process of elimination.

Famous Personalities born with Scorpio as Moon sign –  Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mohammed Rafi, Albert Einstein, Kahlil Gibran, Charles Dickens, Clive Lloyd

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