Corporate Astrology Consultancy -: It is an application of Astrology to help businesses make the right decision in varied functions like – Sales Forecasting, Marketing, Retail etc.

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  • Sales Forecast –  No matter which industry you belong, sales number is what matters the most! Make informed business decisions and predict short-term and long-term performance.
  • B2C Sales – Say you already have a list of few people who have availed your trial service or product and now you need to pitch them for your actual service/product. Know which one of them/lead has more probability of actually converting in to a sale, so that you spend right amount of effort on that lead. Also for you few days in a week or month may be better than others days, where sales outnumber other days. This insight will help you to plan better in advance so that you are better prepared for the month.
  • B2B Sales – You may be in B2B Sales, where only few deals in a month are enough to meet your targets. See which of the prospective clients that you are targeting has better chance of closing the deal with? Or in a month when is that likely deal may be finalized (like how many visits)? All these things will not only help you to save on the unnecessary hassle and stress that you otherwise would have gone through, but you can also use rest of the time for more productive work!
  • Retailer – This is interesting. You have certain new products in mind, get an analysis to know which one of them will catch customers eye & has prospect of doing well & sell like a hot cake. This can help you in better inventory management, but also you can bet on these products to increase your revenue. Say another eg – There’s a festive time coming up & you have decided to boost your sales number by offering some discounts, but not sure what is that optimum percentage off you should offer which will ensure desired number of volumes at the same time take a minimal hit on your margins – say you want to move volumes to x units – can it be done with 5% off, 10% off or 15% Off or 20% Off – we can give you likely projection with each of these.
  • Marketing – This is perhaps related to all businesses. Know what it is the right time to start any new or sale campaign? Or which days can give better traction for periodic sales?
  • Major Capital expenditures/venturing in new business – This is a big RISK that many companies take as expansion is necessary for any business. But before we dwell in to this, get an idea whether the capital expenditure is worth? Will it yield desired results? Or venturing in new business will it be profitable? Get complete analysis for this one.