Ancestral Remedies

Spiritually speaking, there are 2 things which have highest impact on Human Beings – 1) Planets & 2) Ancestors.

The genes that you are carry are from the ancestors & since they no longer have the physical body all their unfulfilled desires, thoughts & emotions resonate with your physical body. Ancestral remedies work with the soul DNA. Below given 2 rituals are the Most comprehensive rituals & helpful in mitigating the Pitru dosha or Pitra Dosha done at Tryambakeshwar, India.

There are 2 MAIN rituals associated with Ancestors

Rated 4.00 out of 5
Rated 4.50 out of 5


Narayan Nagbali – This is easily the BEST & MOST comprehensive ritual for getting relieved of ancestor’s dosha or Pitra Dosha (as it is called). It is a 3 day LONG ritual, & generally every person should do this at least once in his life time for helping his Ancestors & elevating them to higher consciousness plannes. Results of Naryan Nabali are so amazing that many people do it once every alternate year.

Tripindi Shraddha – This is also a very good ritual for elevating our ancestors to a higher plane & get their blessings. It is a 1 day Ritual.