Corporate and Executive Screening


WOOCS 2.2.1

Employees with right skill set, attitude, & qualities are definitely an asset for any Organization. An influential paper in the Harvard Business Review in 2004 noted that the skills and talents of a company's workforce constitute an intangible asset — and that such assets “are worth far more to many companies than their tangible assets.” So perhaps the most important is getting the right people for the job – which comes under Corporate Executive screening.

After thorough background screening, multiple rounds of interviews, Company’s HR team may still face the dilemma of picking the right candidate from potential list of 5/10 candidates who have made it to the last list.

We recommend that you do your initial screening to weed out unwanted candidates. Vedic Spiritual Remedies will help you make the Final cut among all the potential candidates & choose the right one for the Job.

Fill in as many details as you can to help us better understand the background, like – position to be filled in, your expectations from that role, potential list of candidates etc..