Ruler: Venus; Quality: Cardinal; Element: Air

This Seventh sign of Zodiac is masculine, positive, equinoctial, moveable, diurnal, compromising, elegant, tasteful, charming & compliant.

These people are peace loving and gentle, optimist, totally unbiased, clever & intellectual, possessing high virtues & morale, and trying to avoid conflicts at any cost. Of all the signs, this sign has the best personality features.

People with Moon, Sun or Ascendant in Libra feel more influence of Libra sign in their lives.

It rules Kidney & Lower back.

People & Occupation – Poets, Actors, Singer, Painter, Lawyer, Judge, Marriage brokers, Consultants, Generals, Strategists, Hair dressers, Perfumers, Cosmeticians, Fashionable women,  Dress Designers & Dancing teachers.

Physical body parts – Kidneys, skin, lumbar region, buttocks

Famous Personalities born with Libra as Moon sign –  Saint Tulsidas, Charlie Chaplin, Picasso, NT Ramarao, Smita patil, Anitabh Bachhan, Sarojini Naidu, Gautam Buddha.

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