Mars Remedy


Mars signifies courage, dynamism, action, high energy levels.. if you have weak or afflicted Mars, absence of such qualities is seen in the native. Afflicted Mars also denotes health problems.

To overcome malefic effects of any planets & strengthen the planet sacred pujas and yagnas/havan are recommended. However all these Vedic remedies come at a cost – Expert Priest service cost +Havan material +donation after the remedy & Bramahan bhoj, which may not be affordable by everyone. In such scenario there are some other simpler remedies to reduce the malefic effects of any planet like Fasting, Chanting of particular Beej mantra etc. Here we are giving both types of remedies for benefit of the people – Simple Home remedies & expert Vedic remedy for Mars – Chants of Mars mantra & then concluding it with Yagna to pacify malefic effects & bestow blessings.

Home Simpler Remedies for Mars –

  • Mars is significator Bhatru (Brother), so always treat your brother with respect.
  • Fast on Tuesdays – If you cannot fast entire day, just do it for half day (not necessary to skip the food altogether, can have milk, fruits etc) & night also try to have pure veg satvik food.
  • Chant Mars Beej Mantra
  • Wear a Gold chain, with Red Coral.
  • On Tuesdays, release red color flowers in running water.
  • Worshipping Lord Hanuman, & reciting Bajrang Ban.

We are giving you the Mantra for any planetary dosha (proper phonetic sound/pronunciation will be sent to you via mail/skype or mobile) along with energized rosary & Muhurta (right time to start this practice). This daily Mantra practice can be done at your home & won’t take more than 5 minutes of your daily time. Read more about Mantra Sadhana

IMP – For Mantra chanting, it is recommended to take it from authorized person & not just read the text from some book or internet & start doing it.

MAA Bless All!

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