Pay for Performance Stock Market

Friends, Intra-day Stock Market trading in futures & options is not only very risky but very hard to predict even for best of stock market pundits. One of the most important things for speculative trading to remember & religiously follow is not to trade every day, in-fact one should venture only when you are confident that right opportunity is there.

Based on Astrological signals we will give prediction on Nifty. This is for intra-day only.

Why Choose US?  Unlike others in market who charge upfront fees for service and their calls are also not reliable; when you use our service & receive the call from us no need to pay money upfront to us. You sign up with us, we get your details and when we have a call on Nifty, we share it with you via email. You only pay once you successfully execute it & make money. This is based on Pay for Performance, so you only pay the money to us once u successfully execute the trading.

Given below are the 3 month’s attached pdf where we tried to apply some principles on Stock market. In all the 3 months this has been profitable. The amount may seem less to viewers as our aim is not to earn from stock market, but rather apply principles and share the profitable strategy with others who are availing our service.

Remember intra-day trading is about the strategy which may take years to develop. There are some Key points for Speculation trading which every trader should strictly follow to have high success rate

  • Trading in Futures & Options starts with how much money you can risk? In other words trade only that much amount which even if lost is not going to majorly affect your life
  • Stock markets do NOT give linear returns. So do not attempt to make a standard sum of money on a daily basis – Don’t trade daily. You should trade on select days only when you feel opportunity is there.
  • All Futures & Options trading has to be done strictly with Stop Loss – so even if trade goes against your position, you take a minimal hit.
  • Trade with realistic expectations of around 10 to 15% gains. Most of your profitable positions have to be squared off at this point, so that you don’t miss out on opportunity to earn money on table.