Black & White Keruva
Black & White Keruva Mala

Black & White Keruva Rosary Mala


WOOCS 2.2.1

Black & White color rosary mala. This natural Rosary/Mala is made from Keruva. This is a very Powerful Rosary. It helps in removing hurdles & drive away evil cast eye. This black & White Keruva mala is also known as Shiv Shakti Mala. This is a Power booster Mala & instills confidence in the wearer. Black & White Keruva Mala looks good due to its double color combination of black & white appearance & when you wear on the body it certainly makes you stand out!

Colour – Black & White

Beeds – 54 +1 Meru Mani

Length – 30 Inches

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